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We really enjoy the food

Tracey, 18 Apr 2021

Our preferred Italian take away always great

Graham, 18 Apr 2021

Always amazing!!

Rio, 17 Apr 2021

1 hour late

Liam, 16 Apr 2021

Always fantastic food. We L❤️VE it and the kids L❤️VE it!!

Mike, 16 Apr 2021

Fresh ingredients and tasty food.

Helen, 16 Apr 2021

We love it. Best takeaway in the city.

Timothy, 16 Apr 2021

Always top service, and top food from Casa della Pizza, my number 1 take-away 5☆

Craig, 13 Apr 2021

Lovely pizza, not too greasy and fast service. Definitely recommend

Derek, 10 Apr 2021

Our 1st choice for Italian take away! Friendly service and amazing, deliscious food everytime!

Kevin, 09 Apr 2021

Thank you I order regularly and the food is lovely..

Stella, 07 Apr 2021

Best pizzas very tasty!!

Sharon, 31 Mar 2021

Best pizza ever

Lauren, 27 Mar 2021

Lovely food but delivery is very slow, worth the wait tho! Always order from here

Vikki, 26 Mar 2021

Yet again, food was superb and delivery bang on time.

Bobby, 26 Mar 2021

Beautiful food and amazing quality.

Amanda, 26 Mar 2021


Kaylee, 20 Mar 2021


Kaylee, 20 Mar 2021

Need better puddings and some rice balls would be amazing But best pizza in town by far

James, 19 Mar 2021

Feed back please I missed my i Order xx

Tony, 17 Mar 2021

Authentic quality

David, 13 Mar 2021

Still waiting in a refund from the 5th it's now the 13th well over the 5 day max shame as we use you alot wont be any more as I am out of pocket for something I didnt get,need it in my account asap or I will take it further

Ceri, 13 Mar 2021

delivery is so slow, ordered at 7 and got told it would be an hour, did not get delivered till 9 - when i rang the shop they said it had “just left the shop” very disappointed in the service tonight

Jude, 12 Mar 2021

Quality takeaway

Ryan, 12 Mar 2021

Quality takeaway

Ryan, 12 Mar 2021

Staff are always professional and welcoming when collecting my food and the standard of food they produce is absolutely and mouth-wateringly fantastic.

Phil, 12 Mar 2021

Absolutely amazing every time! Wish there was a tip option when paying.

Frankie, 07 Mar 2021

Absolutely outstanding food and delivered really quickly

Bobby, 06 Mar 2021

Lovely food

Carly, 05 Mar 2021

Amazing food, delicious and authentic. Without a doubt, the best pizza takeaway in Hull.

Carly, 04 Mar 2021

Always excellent value

Phil, 03 Mar 2021

Very Good

Piotr, 03 Mar 2021

Please update my e mail address please ta

David, 02 Mar 2021

Gorgeous food but slow

Tom, 02 Mar 2021

Absolutely the best pizzas ever. Carbonara is beautiful aswell. And chips are so yummy, the best we have ever had from a takeaway.

Kerry, 02 Mar 2021

Slow delivery over 90 mins n still waiting

Colin, 27 Feb 2021

We order from here regularly, the food is delicious, we love the pizzas and pasta.

Paul, 26 Feb 2021

Every different thing i order off this menu just makes me love your food even more casa! So fresh, tastes amazing , perfectly cooked everytime. You really are the best in hull by far and ive been everywhere.

Kristie, 25 Feb 2021

Fab food

Beverley, 25 Feb 2021

Lovely food

Mike, 21 Feb 2021

Faster delivery needed

Katie, 20 Feb 2021

Always great service, can’t fault.

Lee, 20 Feb 2021

Lovely take away always our go to. Just wish they would sell a donner kebab

Kelly, 20 Feb 2021

Lovely food as always, looking forward to today's,

Kev, 20 Feb 2021

Wow! What an amazing meal. Super fast service. We had a mixed bbq grill and chicken parmiagano. We asked for no chips with the grill and it can with a huge salad that filled a plate!! The meat was so tender and came with some grilled veg too. Well worth the money

Kerry, 17 Feb 2021

Always lovely food, looking forward to tonight's

Kev, 13 Feb 2021

Super quick very good food

Megan, 10 Feb 2021

Easy to use website

Kristian, 08 Feb 2021

Belting food fast delivery nice staff too

Leon, 07 Feb 2021

tracker not very useful didn't show he was on his way .

Sandra, 06 Feb 2021

Would always recommend Casa to anyone! Amazing food. Mouthwatering pizzas.

Phil, 02 Feb 2021

Had the seafood pizza and was absolutely delicious! Will definitely be ordering again. Nice polite staff and lovely delivery driver!

Katie, 31 Jan 2021

Gorgeous food. One of the best take always we’ve had. Beef stroganoff highly recommended. Will be back.

Neil, 30 Jan 2021

Early, hot and very tasty, thank you.

Jeff, 29 Jan 2021

We love Casa

Kate, 29 Jan 2021

The food is always excellent quality and delicious.

Louise, 29 Jan 2021


Dan, 28 Jan 2021

Love this place!

Claire, 26 Jan 2021

Always great food and service :)

Ross, 25 Jan 2021

Always great for delivery times, always good food

Mark, 25 Jan 2021

Fantastic food. Thank you

Gavin, 23 Jan 2021

Absolutely outstanding food.

Bobby, 23 Jan 2021


Victoria, 23 Jan 2021

Best take away around

Kelly, 23 Jan 2021

Normally our food from you guys is top notch and we always rave to people about your takeaway despite delivery sometimes being a little long . But tonight’s order was very very disappointing . Over two hours for delivery. And after calling to enquire on how long food would be it feels like it was rushed to get it out. It arrived stone cold which is not good considering how close we live. Food was also very slap dash thrown together and my sons chicken nuggets were so over cooked and dry it actually got stuck in my throat! Which explained why he ate one and left the rest. I don’t like to complain but I thought it may be worth highlighting in case something has changed that will prevent this being a one off

Michelle, 22 Jan 2021

Superb, restaurant quality food. Our new favourite go to place. Keep up the good work guys

Debbie, 21 Jan 2021

Always top quality pizzas best in Hull!

Leyla, 21 Jan 2021

Really good.

Dale, 20 Jan 2021

Everything is always perfect!

Frankie, 20 Jan 2021

Restaurant quality food

Lee, 17 Jan 2021

Great service

Sam, 17 Jan 2021


Claire Sonley, 15 Jan 2021

Ordered food and two cans. Two cans never showed up. Disappointed

Simon, 15 Jan 2021

Great food and service

Tish, 15 Jan 2021

simply the best

Malcolm, 11 Jan 2021

Hi I would just like to say a huge thank you. As always our calzones are second to none. My main reason is that although I paid by card on your website, when your delivery driver arrived I tried to pay him again as I get confused due to medication I take from a spinal operation and he quickly told me I had already paid online, he is a tall person and I don’t know his name but he is a very honest man and so I thank you so much for you excellent service throughout

Philip Berry, 10 Jan 2021

Best pizza in hull by far

James, 09 Jan 2021

Always great food, and excellent delivery staff, highl recommended

Craig, 08 Jan 2021

Please start delivering to hu7 postcode :(

Jenna, 08 Jan 2021

We always think take way night from here is a real treat! A family of five is usually hard to please but from here we all love it!!

Robert, 03 Jan 2021

Casa Della NEVER fail to produce and make fantastic food!

Phil, 31 Dec 2020

We always like to support local when we can, and Casa Deal Pizza have very rarely let us down.

Paul, 29 Dec 2020

Always top quality!

Callum, 27 Dec 2020


Jonathan, 27 Dec 2020

Always delicious hot food, delivered quickly and very nice delivery drivers

Chloe, 24 Dec 2020

Excellent service and food all the time

Phil, 22 Dec 2020

Great pizza and lovely BBQ grilled chicken !

Sarah, 21 Dec 2020

Amazing Italian pizza and quick delivery!

Robyn, 20 Dec 2020

So easy to order online. Order was ready when promised. Piping hot. Beautiful, fresh and tasty Italian food. I didn’t actually think that take away pasta would work. It really does. Better than any Italian restaurant that I’ve eaten in over the last few years. Excellent. Thank you.

Stuart, 19 Dec 2020

For me they are the best in the area. The manager is always friendly and the food prepped to a very high standard

Scott, 19 Dec 2020

Amazing quality, thoroughly enjoyed. Will definitely be ordering again!:-)

Phil, 18 Dec 2020

Great menu our favourite takeaway

Chris, 18 Dec 2020

Never disappoint

Emmaline, 12 Dec 2020

Took a long time to get here but wasn't late. Food was lovely but could have been a bit hotter. Still happy overall and would order again.

Kimberley, 11 Dec 2020

Absolutely love this shop for pizzas!!

Sharon, 11 Dec 2020

Our regular Friday night pizza supply. Always excellent!

David, 11 Dec 2020

Always fantastic

Lindsey, 09 Dec 2020

Best takeaway food in the area

Claire, 06 Dec 2020

Great service as usual and quality food

Craig, 04 Dec 2020

Occasionally a little too long for delivery

Noname, 04 Dec 2020

Amazing food and amazing service!! Our favouriate take-away

Courtney, 04 Dec 2020

Always hot when arrives and always enjoy it.

Lucie, 30 Nov 2020

Great tasty food

Gary, 29 Nov 2020

V V nice

Paul, 29 Nov 2020

Lovely pizza. Always super fresh and tasty. Wouldn’t get from anywhere else now we’ve had it from here.

Roxana, 28 Nov 2020

Best take away in Hull

Phillip, 28 Nov 2020

Amazing food and speedy delivery each time we order, easy to use website, great !

Rachel, 28 Nov 2020

Too good

Aimee, 22 Nov 2020


Jude, 20 Nov 2020

Reliable service, quality food. Very Nice :)

Dale, 18 Nov 2020

Lovely food

Rebecca, 15 Nov 2020

Always delicious, perfect every time, staff friendly.

Caroline, 13 Nov 2020

Favourite takeaway! Always fantastic food.

Hayley, 07 Nov 2020

Food is always hot, and always lovely would definitely recommend

Amber, 07 Nov 2020

Always good pizza, usually quick delivery. Would reccomend to anyone in the area!

Beth, 07 Nov 2020

The food is excellent and I wouldn’t go to any other Italian take away except them. They are always quick to deliver and the staff are very nice too.

Sally, 06 Nov 2020


Jonathan, 06 Nov 2020

Great food, reasonably priced. Delivery is usually early or on time and the food is always good quality. The menu offers lots to choose from in the main dishes sections but the Sides menu is a little limited, mostly offering extra portions of potato in various formats but there are some nice dishes available. Overall, one of our favourites!

Samantha, 04 Nov 2020

Great food

Dave, 01 Nov 2020

Omg amazing

Laura, 31 Oct 2020

Excellent service. Excellent food. All fresh food and full of flavour. Best take away in Hull for us.

Kerry, 27 Oct 2020

I travel especially due to the cooking method

Lee, 26 Oct 2020

Amazing pizzas!!! The best in Hull!

Whitney, 22 Oct 2020

It took them 15 minutes to deliver, thank you so much!

Andrew, 11 Oct 2020

Lovely food

Jo, 10 Oct 2020

Best takeaway pizza in Hull!

Jan, 10 Oct 2020

When click on track order, shows no real time update, 0 mins and 0 seconds..

Wayne Brown , 09 Oct 2020

Great food and excellent service!

Olga, 03 Oct 2020


Jonathan, 03 Oct 2020

Restaurant quality at home

Craig, 03 Oct 2020

Great food

David, 02 Oct 2020

Restaurant quality take away. Our favourite by far

Emily, 01 Oct 2020

Smart scran

Dominic, 22 Sep 2020

Always good food

Kerry, 19 Sep 2020


Jonathan, 18 Sep 2020

We order frequently, never disappointed, lovely food.

Abi, 13 Sep 2020

The best food and pizza. No other takeaway I have ever used has come close. Soooo tasty.

Neil, 12 Sep 2020


Jonathan, 11 Sep 2020

Lovely pizzas, quick delivery too.

Sharon, 06 Sep 2020

Excellent food and service

Fay, 03 Sep 2020

Best stroganoff I’ve had in ages, fast delivery! Food was piping hot

Aimee, 31 Aug 2020

Very nice takeaway, lovely food and great service

Laura, 28 Aug 2020

Always great service

Emma, 24 Aug 2020

No problems at all lovely food

Victoria, 22 Aug 2020


Jonathan, 21 Aug 2020

Best take away in hull

Sally, 17 Aug 2020

Always nice

Joseph, 16 Aug 2020

Best Italian in hull without a doubt. Keep up the good work

Carla, 14 Aug 2020

Good value food that comes quickly :-)

Dominic, 14 Aug 2020

Always great food. Delivery can be a little slow but this is to be expected, worth waiting for, and never really really late

Joe, 13 Aug 2020

Always good quality with fast delivery.

Ash, 08 Aug 2020

Ordered here for over 4 years now and it is the best Italian food EVER

Teri, 04 Aug 2020

Sharon, 02 Aug 2020

Always TOP quality!

Garrard, 01 Aug 2020

Always TOP quality pizzas and food in general. Never disappointed.

Garrard, 01 Aug 2020

I placed an order at 7:16pm at 8:28pm I ring to see where my order is to be told it’s next to be cooked so won’t be too long. Shocking service, no phone call to explain of a delay. Very unhappy with this service.

Rachel, 31 Jul 2020


Jonathan, 31 Jul 2020

Lovely food

Cliff, 30 Jul 2020

great pizza shop, friendly staff

Jon, 29 Jul 2020

Great takeaway, a regular for my family!

Amber, 20 Jul 2020

The take away that just keeps giving. Always hot always delicious some takeaways get used to you coming and slack off but not here couldn’t recommend a better take away

Keeley, 18 Jul 2020

Always very tasty great food,we have had a lot of different meals from the menu and have never been disappointed

Gary, 18 Jul 2020

Great Food & good size portions

Lee, 17 Jul 2020

Great food love the place

Matty, 17 Jul 2020

Excellent Food, Excellent Service. Best takeaway in Hull by far.

Jason, 16 Jul 2020

Always perfection, on time and not to pricey, visit every week

Josh, 16 Jul 2020

Quality food and service

Glen, 12 Jul 2020

Always delicious and arrives promptly and hot

Glen, 09 Jul 2020

We regularly order from here and we love it!! Food is always delivered fast, and is always hot when it arrives. Delivery drivers are always polite, smiling and pleasant. Can tell it’s all made fresh as it’s delicious. Best place for pizza in Hull by miles.

Chloe Rymer, 07 Jul 2020

Outstanding take away.

Jonathan, 06 Jul 2020

Always have delicious meals. Love the lasagna especially!

Sam, 06 Jul 2020


Jonathan, 03 Jul 2020

Very nice everytime I order

Ben, 30 Jun 2020


Steven, 29 Jun 2020


Cat, 26 Jun 2020

Amazing food , delivery about long to come

Joanne, 26 Jun 2020

Always amazing food! Best pizzas in Hull!

Jo, 26 Jun 2020

Excellent food and excellent service all the time!

Phil, 24 Jun 2020


Phil, 24 Jun 2020

Superb quality Always hot and with speedy delivery

Glen, 24 Jun 2020

Always great food and superb service

Glen, 23 Jun 2020

Came highly recommended and I can see why, it was incredible

Daniel, 22 Jun 2020

Ella, 21 Jun 2020

Lovely good quality tasty food

Karl, 20 Jun 2020

Best pasta and Garlic bread in Hull, a bit pricier than your average Takeaway but the quality reflects the price, wont go anywhere else.

Christine, 19 Jun 2020

Very nice, thanks!

Cameron, 18 Jun 2020

Always quality food and prompt delivery

Glen, 18 Jun 2020

Always delicious. Thanks.

Lindsey, 17 Jun 2020

Great food and lovely staff

Steven, 16 Jun 2020

The food is absolutely on point! The nicest pizzas I've ever tasted and the pasta dishes a tremendous! Nice staff and great service.

Phil, 16 Jun 2020

Spot on

William, 14 Jun 2020

Great food very quick and everything always as ordered.

Adam, 14 Jun 2020


Malcolm, 13 Jun 2020

When I fancy pizza, this is the only place I order from! They have always made a vegan option available, which other local takeaways don't offer. Food is never greasy, great value for money, and friendly staff when I've been in to order :)

Faye, 13 Jun 2020

Food I's absolutely beautiful can not fault this place!

Lauren, 07 Jun 2020


Calum, 06 Jun 2020

Lovely and great quality meat

Maria, 05 Jun 2020


Jonathan, 05 Jun 2020


Lisa, 05 Jun 2020

Love this place

Becky Or Tabby, 04 Jun 2020

My favourite Hull takeaway - consistently lovely food and wonderful, quick service. So impressed by your professionalism and efficiency during COVID-19 - you've made lockdown much easier to bear!

Rachel, 04 Jun 2020

Great food

Phillip, 02 Jun 2020

Best Italian takeaway in and around Hull.

Lee, 01 Jun 2020

Third takeaway from here, simply the best for quality and taste. Nothing compares!

Carl, 31 May 2020

Great pizza!

Martin, 30 May 2020

Always such good standard.

Karis, 26 May 2020

Love this place. Really high quality food with the option of tailoring to many different diets/ways of eating. Always amazing service and helpful staff. Great website and fresh ingredients

Cat, 25 May 2020

I had the chicken stroganoff and it’s was fantastic ! Very nice

Liam, 25 May 2020

Best pizza in Hull by far

Finn, 23 May 2020

Lovely food tasty quality food with a good friendly service

Karl, 23 May 2020

Too good x

Aimee, 23 May 2020

Very very nice!

Aaron, 16 May 2020

Vegan pizza very good. Maybe you could add more vegan pizzas to the menu

Yanus, 16 May 2020

Best in hull 100% foods always at top standard. Fresh and very tasty, pretty perfect

Kristie, 16 May 2020

Love it!

Martin, 16 May 2020

We looooove casa!!!!!!

Hannah, 15 May 2020

Great food great service

Ben, 14 May 2020

Our favourite takeaway!

Hayley, 13 May 2020

Ozzi, 10 May 2020

Always fresh food and good service

Rachel, 10 May 2020

always good

Alan, 07 May 2020

Casa Della never disappoints! The quality of the food is always on point and the staff are pleasant and always very friendly when I go in to collect the food.

Phil, 05 May 2020

We live outside your delivery area so haven't visited before but had heard great things. Tried a collection order tonight and we weren't disappointed! The children say it's the best pizza they have ever tasted! Charlie (9): "The chips and pizza are the best I've ever tasted" Olly (7): "It's really good" James (3): "It's yummy in my tummy"

Emily, 05 May 2020

Great food and great vegan options every time!

Joel, 04 May 2020

Always amazing food

Natalie, 02 May 2020

Daughters favourite

Mel, 01 May 2020

Very tasty and well made ! Arrive piping hot ! Thank you

Glen, 30 Apr 2020

Excellent quality food, great selection and wonderful vegan pizza and garlic bread. Love it

Sue, 25 Apr 2020


Jonathan, 25 Apr 2020

Great food everytime A**

Ben, 24 Apr 2020

I was the guy who ordered mixed grill with rice. Fantastic food, fantastic price and a great service!

Liam, 23 Apr 2020

Bbq grill goes up in price very regularly. Good but go past £12 and i dont think it will be worth it.

Andy, 20 Apr 2020

Highly recommended good fast service and fresh hot food

Ian, 19 Apr 2020

excellent food at a great price, great pizza always

Colin, 18 Apr 2020

Best takeaway in the Hull & East Riding! The only place we go now as nowhere else comes close to the quality. So tasty!

Caroline, 16 Apr 2020

Food was excellent

Julie, 15 Apr 2020

Was gorgeous will deffo be getting again

Charlotte, 14 Apr 2020

Food was very nice and came within time stated

Kim, 13 Apr 2020

Eaten a few times from here always beautiful

Amber, 13 Apr 2020

The price isnt bad for what you get but knock back 20p on things and customer would feel a big difference

Rachael, 12 Apr 2020


Ryan, 12 Apr 2020

Abosoluty delicious!

Abi, 11 Apr 2020

Brilliant service Food is amazing , everything on the menu is so good

Sara, 10 Apr 2020

The 50p service charge is a joke!

Rob, 10 Apr 2020


Steven, 09 Apr 2020

Always great service, value and quality

David, 09 Apr 2020

Such a great pizza shop i love it

Victoria, 08 Apr 2020

Gorgeous food, always excellent quality and fantastic service.

Melissa, 07 Apr 2020

Amazing takeaway

Callum, 05 Apr 2020

First time ordering and i'm very impressed. Amazing food. Would be happy to recommend to a friend.

Alexander, 03 Apr 2020

Best takeaway pizza in Hull.

Martin, 03 Apr 2020

Beautiful food and fantastic service as always

Tom, 01 Apr 2020

Fabulous food and service

Jamie, 31 Mar 2020

Great food, good delivery service, best in Hull.

Phillip, 30 Mar 2020

The food is always delicious.

Lindsey, 29 Mar 2020


Nikky, 28 Mar 2020


Joanne, 14 Mar 2020

Always very happy with the food, esp the pizza's worth the little bit extra for excellent food.

Wendy, 28 Feb 2020

Restaurant quality food delivered to your door. Delivery always quicker than time stated. Will continue to order from you. Thanks.

Alex, 23 Feb 2020

Amazing food with great service

Debbie, 22 Feb 2020

Wow! Cannot fault you on speed of delivery a full 45 minutes early - thank you! Driver very polite and courteous as always food excellent thank you ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sue, 21 Feb 2020

This is the second time I have ordered from here and me and hubby have really enjoyed it trying to order something different every time x

Tracey, 15 Feb 2020

Always had good quality food

Carl, 15 Feb 2020


Aimee, 15 Feb 2020

Martyna, 15 Feb 2020

Fantastic pizzas, although would love it if you did a donner meat pizza. Really prompt delivery too.

Adam, 14 Feb 2020

Best pizza in Hull.

Kevin, 11 Feb 2020


Jordan, 11 Feb 2020

Lovely food

Colin, 09 Feb 2020

Consistently good

Tony, 08 Feb 2020

I will order again. It was top quality pizza. thank you very much guys

Noname, 01 Feb 2020

Had a very very good service last time come back to have another go tonight!

Jade S, 31 Jan 2020

Still the best in Hull. Keep it up

Bobby, 24 Jan 2020

Excellent quality food, piping hot and great service excellent once again thank you

Di, 19 Jan 2020

Brilliant as always superb quality food

Di, 19 Jan 2020

Excellent food arriving piping hot and before the delivery time expected : Brilliant as always Thank You

Di, 19 Jan 2020

Quick delivery, food tasted amazing with fresh ingredients. Best food

Zewar, 18 Jan 2020

Lose the rocket it stinks origano far better on ham pizza

Ashley, 18 Jan 2020

Food always been really nice and quick delivery

Carl, 18 Jan 2020

Very nice

Tom, 17 Jan 2020

The food is AMAZING! Everything arrives hot and very fast.

Steve, 10 Jan 2020

Lovely takeaway! Delicious food!

Chloe, 03 Jan 2020


Kain, 31 Dec 2019

I cannot remember enjoying a pizza so much. Fresh, authentic and so tasty. Absolutely delicious. Thank you.

Stuart, 31 Dec 2019


Bryony, 29 Dec 2019

Our favourite Pizza takeaway, the Passion Pizza is the best we;ve ever had ! The rest of the the food is always delivered hot and on time, I've also picked up some food on my way home from Hull City, great service with a smile !

Jeffrey, 28 Dec 2019


Jonathan, 28 Dec 2019

Lovely food

Rachel, 21 Dec 2019

Brilliant as always

Michael, 20 Dec 2019

Brilliant as always

Michael, 20 Dec 2019


Joy, 18 Dec 2019

Would like to see more vegan options on the online menu and the ability to make the build your own vegan

Pete, 12 Dec 2019


Jonathan, 09 Dec 2019

Fave takeaway

Jessica, 05 Dec 2019

Not many takeaways can be consistently brilliant for years but Casa Della Pizza is the exception. Food is always top class and it’s easily the best pizza takeaway in the city.

Bobby, 30 Nov 2019

Absolutely fantastic

Alex, 30 Nov 2019

Best take away in hull

Carla, 30 Nov 2019

We always love a casa after a bad day at work!

Frank, 19 Nov 2019


Amazing taste and quality food. Pastas, pizzas, everything.

Kirsty, 17 Nov 2019


Nicky, 15 Nov 2019